Fancy Beers

Ah, the beers at the San Diego beer Festival. the event saw 50 beers in 3 hours where you were encouraged to drink as much as you can. We tried to have em all. We made it half way. Here, some reviews of beers that had short wating lines:

Eel river Brewing Co, Acai Wheat- dry fruit, light on the palette. Summer! Easy drinking. Overtones of sour acia, and undertones of dry roasted hops.

La Chouffe Houblon- Mmm. It's hoppy. It makes ya hoppy, like a warm spring day. It's mid July and it feels like we're drinking a long, smooth May 5, full of herbal notes and sweet underlayment.

Doubel Iron Fist- oooo! Like my first time drinking beer. Full and chocolaty. Drips of caramel ooze past the fierce hot hops. What a blast!

Pyramid Apricot- Exceedingly apricoty. A lil' sprinkle of cinnamon and you've got yerself a pie.

Lhasa beer- Well, it tastes like Tibetan spring water... That a Tibetan goat pissed in. Nicki has never poured out a beer, until just now.

Cosmic Ales Brown- yeah man! To the moon! Chew on that thing, it'll stay with ya for a long while. 2 hours later, it may still be stickin' to yer teeth.

Lagunitas IPA- caprese! Looks like our friend Basil grew up and dropped his balls. Is that Italian green basil I sense? Why yes, it is! Broad leafed and full, ready for some soft cheese and fine crackers. That is, if you're into that whole sort of thing.

Julian Hard Cider- this stuff makes you hard. I punched a guy. For real. I was writing this review whist my beer was on the ground, a dude walked by and nearly kicked it over. A light tap to protect the grounded cider. Do you like natural, irie apple pie? Then dig on this, man. It's out of sight.

Fox Bar Pear Cider- I don't drink pear cider, but bitches do! If I were a girl, I'd drink this stuff all night. For real! It's like a mix between fizzy water and alizee. Oh wow, fellas, you're never gonna understand this: just buy it and stock it in you're bar and you'll be happy.

Yella Pils- does your mom rock? Does she wear a fanny pack and pour beer and wear sun glasses at 7 PM? Then drink this. Drink it or else you won't get your grilled cheese or dessert. Stomach it and be rewarded.