Fresh Light Potato salad sans mayo

Been seeing a lot of these around lately. by that i mean potato salads that are not heavy or filled with fatty mayo. sometimes they have bleu cheese. sometimes they have bacon. they're all great. i like this one the best. it's got this fresh vinaigrette dressing instead of mayo.

potatoes--i used these cool multicolored ones, which apparently are really good for you and have tons of different nutrients. but you can use any potatoes i guess. put them raw in some boiling water until fork tender. that means stick the potato with a fork to tell if it's done. if the fork slips and slides in and out easy-like, then it's done. drain and let cool. then cut into bit size pieces.

make the dressing--smashed garlic stirred with red wine vinegar, dijon mustard, capers, salt, pepper, and then whisk in olive oil till it tastes balanced.

mix the the two things above in a big bowl. if the potatoes are still warm, then that's really great. gently stir in chopped parsley and some sliced onion.