Grilled Sardines

You ever had sardines? Like, ones that weren't in a can before you had 'em? They're easy, really good, not at all "fishy" or whatever people say they are, and high in omega 3s (or so our moms tell us). 

Here we have them with a pangratta, or crispy breadcrumbs. 

There's only three things to do for this dinner:

- MAKE THE BREADCRUMBS: heat up olive oil in a skillet, then throw in some sliced garlic. Add crumbs and toast. At the end, throw in a little chopped parsley and salt & pepper. Set aside.
- PREP AND GRILL FISH: Gut the fish like your dad showed you, then scale them. Leave the heads on for showmanship. Rub down with olive oil, then throw on a screaming hot grill for a few minutes per side. Finish with more olive oil, sea salt, and lots of lemon. 
- BEER: Open and drink and eat the above. We spoon the breadcrumbs over the fish and dive in.