Grilled Whole fish with salt, lemon, and fire

It's summer and when it's flat it's good to fish for your dinner after work. It makes you feel like a human: catching your food and gilling it and gutting it and cooking it up within the hour.

but sometimes the fish don't bit, so you have to go to the store after fishing and buy a fish. that's what we did here, with branzino, a fish from Greece that tastes like a less-oily sardine. this is the most simple way to cook a fish, and probably the best for this type of thing.

Start with cleaning your branzino (but any bass or sardine will be fine... as long as the skin is on and the head is on and the eyes are clear). if you don't know how, ask a dad or have the fish guy do it for you. rub the fish down with olive oil, and if you like stuff some herbs in the body cavity. place fish on a really hot grill for a few minutes per side... i think that if you over cook it you're blowing it. You won't get sick, the fish just came out of the ocean. when done, the skin will have some nice char marks. remove with a spatula, sprinkle liberally with sea salt, and squeeze a lemon over the top. Serve.