Modified Eggs Benedict

A twist on the usual eggs Benedict. Did it because holindaise can be very gross if it's not perfect (so why try). And also because it's spring and there are lots of herbs outside... it's just seems nicer to have a fresh, light green herby sauce than a heavy hollindaise in the sun. And instead of ham, we've added sauteed greens, sort of like Florentine. Again, it's spring and there are lots of greens to eat, so eat em. This one has kale and beet greens, but you can also use carrot tops, spinach, radish tops, chard, or anything like that.

Right? Right. So here it is:

First toast some bread. Use a toaster or grill it or drizzle with some oil and get it brown in the oven, as I did. This will be the bottom floor of your Benedict stack.

Next make some green goddess dressing. It's really just fresh soft herbs, anchovie, lemon, sour cream, maybe some plain yogurt, and olive oil with salt and pepper. It's so refreshing and delicious. I posted the recipe some time ago here. You want to make this before you do the things below because the sauce can just sit there on the counter and wait until you're ready for it... eggs can't (they get hard and gross), nor can sauteed greens (they get cold).

Saute some greens. Heat up some olive oil, and wilt the greens until they look like the photo above. This will be the second floor in your Benedict stack. 

Lastly, poach some eggs. If you don't know how you should learn... the runny yokes make the breakfast. You could also fry an egg. This will be the top floor of your stack.

To finish just drizzle the green goddess on top. I added toasted bread crumbs, but that's totally optional.