Seared Albacore on Smashed White Beans with Spicy Mixed Red Pepper Sauce

It seems to be working well with dividing recipes up into groups or steps, so let's stay with that for this, one of the best ways you can treat a beautiful piece of tuna.

1. Toast Pepitas - In a dry skillet over medium heat, toast the pepitas till they start to pop and brown. Dump the pepitas on a plate, salt them while they're hot, and put aside.

2. Slice Lime.

3. Spicy Mixed Red Pepper Sauce - In a blender or food processor, mix a bell pepper, any hotter peppers you have depending in if you like the spicy, garlic, lime juice, a big spoonful of sour cream, and whizz in olive oil. Season with salt and pepper, taste. If you roast the pepper beforehand, the sauce will be twice as nice. This sauce is also good with raw veggies, eggs, etc.

4. Make the smashed white beans - in that same skillet, fry some garlic, anchovie, and crushed red pepper in olive oil. Don't brown the garlic. Add in a can of white beans that have been drained. Give the pan a shake, stir, then add in a cup of vegetable broth or a glass of white wine. Reduce heat to simmer and cook until most of the liquid is gone. With the back of a wood spoon, smash some of the white beans until you've got a creamy consistency, but can still see the shape of some of the beans. Make sense? Put this aside but keep warm..... if you see it starting to dry out, add a touch of water and try to maintain your consistency until the tuna is done.

5. Sear the Albacore Tuna - Season the steaks with salt and pepper, then on a real hot skillet or grill, cook them maybe 1 minute per side.

Slice tuna and assemble as seen in the photo.