Skillet of Baked Eggs and Whatever

The title may not be very detailed, but it's purposeful. You can basically use what's left over in your fridge, crack an egg over it and make an awesome little skillet for breaky. This breakfast comes together in 'bout 10 minutes.

So I had a quarter of an onion, some mustard greens, some bacon, and some mushrooms in the fridge. These are all great, but some rough tomatoes, leeks, sausage, ham, bell pepper, or anything like that would be good as well. So fry your bacon till it's done, drain off some of the fat, and push the meat to one side of the pan. On the other side, put some olive oil and fry up your veggies. This all works best in a cast iron skillet, but anything that can go in the oven will do.

When everything's looking just about done, crack a couple eggs over, letting the whites ooz down but not breaking the yokes. Pop this whole pan in an oven at 400*, and bake until the whites are hard but the yellows are runny. You can even then crumble some cheese over the top, as I did with goat cheese. See?