Stuffed Lemon

If you're down to work with your hands and get dirty, these things are so fun to make. The result is delicious--the lemons do nothing but flavor the buffalo mozzarella as the cheese melts around, and the rest of the ingredients are very light and nice. You feel like your in the Mediterranean or something. And yes, these have anchovies, but be not scared. I've served this to people who claim to hate the lil' guys and they love it. Of course I didn't tell them this had anchovies when I served. So get to it:

First get a lot of lemons. See the photo above? That's what you're going to want to make. Slice them into 3/4" or 1" rounds, then use a spoon to core out the lemon insides (you can save the inside for another use... maybe a cocktail to go with these things). Also make sure to gather as many lemon leaves as you make rounds. As seen in the photo, these are the bottom of the lemons, holding the bottom from falling out.

Next get to stacking. First a cheese slice, then tomato then anchovie then basil leaf and finish with another piece of cheese. See the photo above for what it should look like.

Arrange these all on a baking sheet with a lip and pop in a preheated 400 degree oven until the cheese is melted and somewhat bubbly. It won't get brown, but make sure the whole thing gets oozy.

Serve right away with crustini.... and a spoon per person to scoop out the filling and place on the bread.