Thai Clam Steamers

how good are clams. pretty good. we've been experimenting with different flavors and sauces to give them a different spin. here's a pretty nice one that you'll see in restaurants sometimes:

In a skillet that you have a lid for, saute some onions, garlic, and red pepper flakes in some olive oil and a big pat of butter. once the veggies are fragrant, throw in some scrubbed clams (or mussels) and some lemon grass stalks. give the pan a shake like you mean it, then after a minute pour in a glass full of white wine. then pour in half a can of coconut milk. reduce heat to a high simmer, cover, and stir every so often until the clams are open. if they don't open, they're bad and will make ya sick. toss em.

taste the sauce. Does it need salt or pepper? add it. finish with a generous sprinkle of cilantro and serve with some crusty bread.