Tomato Sauce 3: Prawns in Sweet Tomato Sauce

I hate the word sweet. let's not use that word in the print cook zine, SC. Why? I got out of the water and some guy in a cardiff aloha shirt asked me how it was. i said, "it's still good, so get out there." and he replied, "sa-weet." like, two syllables. sa-weeet. it really got to me, and i'm taking it as a sign not to use it here in this, the third recipe of the tomato sauce persuasion. 

There's many ways to do this, and they are all sweet, i mean great.

one--you've made you tomato sauce and have it in the fridge. great. take a few spoonfuls of it and add it with a lob of butter to a fry pan. heat over medium to high heat, get good and hot, and toss in some shrimp (raw ones). give the pan a shake, give it a toss, and mix it all up. you can add some lemon to this... that would be good. lower to a simmer and heat until shrimp are done... don't overcook otherwise you'll have chewy shrimp.

sprinkle some chopped parsley over the top. or some fresh Parmesan. serve as is with some crusty bread. or spoon on top of some noodle pasta.