From the Mountains: Toast with Salmon and Creme Fraiche

Morning! We've borrowed a cabin in the mountains and we're totally alone and the silence is deafening. Let's eat! And drink! Thankfully I'm prepared with loads of ingredients to consume. This morning I'm trying to re-think the lox and bagel. Here, instead of bagel, I've done a toast done with butter in the pan, and skipped the cream cheese and used creme fraiche instead. And though Creme Fraiche may sound fancy, it's easy to make if you've got a day! Google it. Also, the capers have been fried. It's a nice light breakfast and way more impressive than your ordinary lox set-up. 

FIRST: fry the capers. In olive oil, put a handful of capers and fry until crispy and brown. The texture totally changes and gets nice and smoky and earthy. If oil splashes everywhere, try a lid on the pan, duh.

SECOND: In the same pan, melt some butter and toss in two slices of tough bread per person. Try a baguette sliced to your liking. Let it get good and hard. 

THIRD: Assemble it all. On the toast, do a spoon of the creme, then the sliced salmon, then some super super thinly sliced lemon and onion. To finish sprinkle the crispy fried capers. 

(As a final note, toasts like these are very overlooked for breakfast. They're just the right amount of food and won't make you feel like a lardy pile after you eat 'em. Try eggs, meats, veggies, etc... but keep it to two toasts. You'll feel like a winner afterwards, I'm sure.)