Pink Pasta. Beet Root Pasta with Toasted Walnut Kale Pesto

Pink Pasta! How fun! Besides looking very nice, the beet adds a very subtle flavor to the pasta, without being too earthy and beet-like. We thought a nice earthly pesto would be nice, so made a rough hand chopped pesto with kale and toasted walnuts to go with. This pasta would also be good with some simple cheese and olive oil.



The beets were roasted in the oven, then blended after they cooled. We added this red blended beet to our basic pasta recipe (find it here), resulting in a pink fresh pasta. To make sure the pasta dough stays to right consistency, do one less egg since the beets offer so much liquid. 


This is a corruption of the trapanese pesto, which I was once as hand chopped featuring almonds instead of pine nuts. For this, we chopped walnuts and toasted them in a pan with melted butter. To that I added a big handful of chopped kale, chopped garlic, and cooked until just soft but not soggy. At the end some parmesan was added in.

On top, some more cheese. Enjoy.