The Michelada

As fond as I am of Bloody Marys, I always seem to think a second Bloody Mary is too much--too much food, tomato, and vodka to keep up with. And as fond as I am of beer, sometimes it can be heavy and get warm to fast.  So what to drink? The Michelada. 

Some people would call the Michelada a Bloody Mary with beer. I would not. Like the Bloody it has a thousand variations, from the very simple to the sublime and complicated (with all sort of Bloody Mary-esque ingredients). For me, the simple is better. A glass with ice, lots of lime juice, salt, and a dash of hot sauce. Here it's with Coors Light, but yes, mexican beer would be better. It's how I first had it in central Mexico, and apart from the nostalgia of that, it's clean, very cold, and very crisp. You can drink these things all day. Or at least try.