Coco Nuts

Out of fear of impending death by falling coconut, Paul harvested the tree that looms over the sun beds. We are now safe, sunny, and saturated in all things coconut

How to use them?
Get ‘em open. If you have the right tools, it’s fast and painless (like one pirate machete purchased for one lucky lady’s 29th birthday). Otherwise, husk it down to the nut, then use the BLUNT side of a heavy knife to tap it around the perimeter until it opens.

Top uses thus far: Coconut Milk (see below), Oxtail Soup (coming tomorrow), treats for the dog. 

Unlike the canned stuff, this creamy additive contains only two ingredients, coconut and water.  Add it to soups, cereal, coffee, and baked goods for a healthy summer coat. Once you’ve mastered the opening of the coconut, whipping up a batch takes less than 10 minutes.

Add the meat of one coconut + 2 cups of very hot water to a blended. Blend until all of the coconut of shredded (5 minutes or however long you have the patience for). Strain out the solids with a nut bag (basically a synthetic version of cheesecloth) or fine mesh strainer. If you don’t have either, get creative (try a French press).

Toss the milk in the fridge. It will keep for a few days.

Don’t toss the solids. Dry them on low in the oven and save to add to baked goods (use a coffee grinder to make coconut flour).